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The Newsletter 82 Spring 2019

The Newsletter 82 Spring 2019

Reading space, society and history in Asia through its ruins

Ruins are everywhere. In Asia, aspirations for socio-economic development have led to the rapid transformation of the environmental, social and economic landscape. Led by a diverse range of local, national and international actors these transformations have informed the creation of new forms of ruins and ruinations, the disintegration of recognizable forms whether they be material, ideational or institutional. From ruined environmental landscapes, abandoned industrial estates, derelict housing estates, failed infrastructural projects to political disruptions, economic breakdowns and cultural disintegration, ruins are ubiquitous and varied in their manifestations. Ruins produce long-term effects and affect societies and individuals in expected and, often, unexpected ways. Therefore, these ruptures and their afterlife call for a wider conceptualisation of ruins that locates their materiality within wider social, political and economic contexts.


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3.......... IIAS Photo Contest 
4 - 7

The Eleventh International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS 11):

  • Pre-events
  • Convention overview
  • Parallel events
  • ICAS Book Prize (IBP) 2019
  • Colleagues' Choice Award

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8 - 10

‘Africa-Asia: A New Axis of Knowledge’. The Second Edition 
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The Study


Hong Kong Studies thrives and withers in unexpected places 
Benjamin Garvey
| Read more

12 - 13

Urban innovation in Kyoto: Novelty in cultural heritage making
By Andrea Yuri Flores Urushima
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Revisiting the First and Second Sexism in Japan
By Deborah Giustini & Peter Matanle
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The Region

15 - 17

News from Australia and the Pacific
Edited by Edwin Jurriëns and Andy Fuller
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18 - 21

News from Northeast Asia
Regional editor Ilhong Ko
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22 - 23

News from Southeast Asia
Regional editor Terence Chong
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The Review

24 - 25 New reviews on download PDF


Musical minorities
By Seb Rumsby
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26 - 27

Religion and the unlimited public good in Chinese societies
By Dat Manh Nguyen
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The precarity and persuasion of migration in rural Bangladesh
By Chandni Singh
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The Focus: Reading space, society and history in Asia through its ruins

29 -30

Reading space, society and history in Asia through its ruins
Guest editors: Mona Chettri & Michael Eilenberg
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When infrastructural ruins inspire political reorganization
By Sindhunata Hargyono
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32 - 33

Ruined pondscapes in North Kalimantan, Indonesia
By Thomas Mikkelsen
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34 - 35

Ruins of pastoralism in the Western Rajasthan borderland 
By Neha Meena
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36 - 37

Ruins of living and dead in the Himalayan borderlands
By Uttam Lal and Charisma K. Lepcha
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38 - 39

Hardening porousness: Borderization and abandonment among the borderland ruins of Abkhazia
By Mikel Venhovens
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Boomtown in ruins: Ordos and ruination
By Max Woodworth
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The Network

43 The 11th ‘Engaging With Vietnam’ Conference download PDF


Spreading knowledge easily - Open access publishing in Asian Studies
By Nicole Merkel-Hilf
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44 - 45

Asia and Europe from a transcultural perspective. The new Heidelberg Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS)
By Axel Michaels and Barbara Mittler
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Humanities across Borders Programme

48 - 49

Languages on the edge: from private archive to shared library
By Mohomodou Houssouba
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50 - 51

Living with and in the forest in northern Thailand. Engaging Karen youth in participatory community research
By Chayan Vaddhanaphuti and Malee Sitthikriengkrai
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Indigo as critical pedagogy
By Min-Chin Chiang
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53...... IIAS Fellowship Programme download PDF
In the spotlight: Carmel Christy Kattithara Joseph and Naomi Standen

54 - 55... IIAS Research, Networks, and Initiatives download PDF

The Portrait


Voices of the Wind: Traditional Instruments in Laos
Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre (TAEC), Luang Prabang, Laos
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Reading space, society and history in Asia through its ruins
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