International Institute for Asian Studies
Our location
IIAS is only 30 minutes away from the famous Dutch tulipfields

International Institute for Asian Studies at Rapenburg 73

IIAS is situated in the historic centre of the Dutch city of Leiden, a university city that combines modern urban amenities with historic 17th century charm. 

IIAS is housed in one of the mansions along the prestigeous "Rapenburg" canal, at Rapenburg 59 (address details).

IIAS is located conveniently close to the Faculty of Humanities and the Leiden University Libraries, as well as to many other Leiden-based institutes and museums. 

Asia expertise in Leiden

Expertise on and collections from Asia abound in Leiden. Dutch relations with Asia go back more than 400 years, and Leiden University has almost from its origins, in 1574, concentrated on the cultures and societies of ‘the Orient’. This is reflected in the many unique and important collections from Asia that found their way to the university libraries and other institutes, such as the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV), the Siebold House Japanmuseum, and two of the Leiden-based national museums. These collections include unique manuscripts, rare printed books, letters, archival materials, maps and photographs from all over Asia. 

The Leiden University Libraries hold the largest collection on Indonesia worldwide and some of the foremost collections on South and Southeast Asia, China, Japan and Korea. Currently held in different locations, these Asian Collections will be brought together in 'The Asian Library', scheduled to open its doors in 2017. 

Close to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Leiden is only 25 km (15 miles) from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, which can be reached by frequent trains in 15-20 minutes. It is located right in between 'Holland's' major cities of Amsterdam (40 km/25 miles), The Hague (15 km/9 miles), Rotterdam (30km/17 miles) and Utrecht (40 km/25 miles). Leiden is is also just 10 kilometres (6 miles) away from the dune coast of the North Sea with its seaside resorts and the famous Dutch tulip fields.

The city of Leiden

Leiden is a moderate-sized dynamic and friendly university city with a population of around 120,000. It is home to Leiden University (1574), the oldest university in the Netherlands. The presence of approx. 20,00 students, including 2,600 international students, and 4,000 staff contributes much to its economic diversity and cultural life.

Leiden has an outward-looking, international character. English is widely spoken (throughout the Netherlands). The official language in the Netherlands is Dutch. 

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Some facts about Leiden: 

  • 88 bridges connect the streets along its many canals.
  • Home to 6 major museums (three of which national museums) and a (university) botanical garden.
  • Approximately 120,000 inhabitants; 
  • Leiden University was established in 1575, allegedly a gift by 'Stadtholder' William of Orange as a reward for the city's heroic resistance against the Spanish occupation of the city from from 1572 until 3 October 1574.
  • The "Relief of Leyden" is celebrated every year with a huge festival on 3 October.
  • Located at only 20 km from the North sea, and close to the tulip and bulb fields.The Hague can be reached by train in 12 minutes, Schiphol Airport in 20 and Amsterdam in 45 minutes.
  • Home to many shops, restaurants, bars and theatres.

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