International Institute for Asian Studies
Our Focus
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Research focus

Most of IIAS research and activities are carried out under the aegis of the three programmatic thematic clusters Asian Cities, Asian Heritages, and Global Asia.

The purpose of this approach is not to exclude anyone or anyhing, but to cultivate synergy between pople and projects. IIAS also welcomes research in other areas.  

IIAS is especially interested in multi-disciplinary research that addresses questions relevant to present-day Asian societies while paying attention to both current and historical trends.

Talented researchers

IIAS is keen to enable talented researchers to develop new research plans.

Strategic partnerships and networks

IIAS aims to initiate and facilitate innovative research in the study of Asia and to create academic networks on a national, European and global level. Almost everything that IIAS undertakes is based on co-operation. IIAS operates in collaboration with academic as well as cultural, societal and political institutions that focus on Asia.

Engaging Asia

IIAS believes in directly engaging institutes from Asia and other parts of the world.

Linking expertise

Bringing scholars and practitioners together, IIAS stimulates a multi-sector, pluri-disciplinary approach to the study of Asia.

Public service activities

IIAS also wishes to reach out to the non-academic world. IIAS engages in various outreach activities to bring a wider public in contact with Asian cultures and societies.